MLS (Managed Learning Services)

Learning and Development portfolio is no longer an old-fashioned style of functioning and thanks to technology and trend of 2019, which has made L&D function, a flexible yet an effective one. Organizations today are moving away from 'training' to 'capacity building'.

If you don’t have any exclusive L&D function and you are / have a HR, struggling with loaded work of managing add-on L&D portfolio, we have a solution for you.

At Talenta Global, we will manage entire L&D gamete providing you suitable learning strategy and solutions, that can prevent and address your skill gap issues and help in improvising performance within your organization level.

We as L&D practitioners assess, intervene, design, develop and facilitate needful training programs that is personalized and learner-centric to support HR specialists those managing a L&D within their organization. We do generate report on measuring effectiveness helping HR team and stake holders to check organization’s business performance on skill enhancement. Our Managed Learning Services (Virtual L&D) support learners to achieve their performance excellence.

We also help reviewing your existing training and development plan and develop, facilitate to enhance workforce's capabilities, skills and competencies to remain successful.

Following are the benefits of choosing our Virtual L&D (Managed Learning Services) services.

Assessment of skill gaps Setting up an LMS
Developing effective training strategies Managing training content
Designing personalized programs Measuring training effectiveness
Facilitating Blended Learning programs