Inner Happiness Guidance

Talenta’s Inner Happiness Guidance programs are designed in such a way that you can feel the positivity in you within first session.

Our Inner Happiness Guidance talks about few niche personalized service offerings that include.

Wellness Counselling :  Talenta’s counselors are experts in counselling process and mind mapping who will beautifully facilitate you to set realistic incremental goals and help achieve desired results. They will also assist you as a mentor and can help you navigate any situation towards clarity that you are confused with.

The counselling process will help you focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses and will help you gain a fresh perspective on your relationships at your personal and professional front.

Holistic Approach for Stress-Free Life: Stress Management techniques 1 hour soft talk Live @ organizations or through webinar or web cast or on stage is design focused sessions to find solutions to your current problems and help you focus on your future wellness in order to overcome hurdles. By the end of the sessions you will feel confident in dealing with any issues and trick to lead a prosperous peaceful life.

Music Therapy: Playing specific Raag (tune) cures illness and make stress level drastically comedown and calm one’s mind.

Executive Coaching : Our personalized coaching session helps every employee achieving his/her specific personal or professional goals, helps unleash potentials guided in right direction facilitated by experienced coaches.